About Us

Whip City Candle Company
A Little Bit About Us
Our family owned and operated business started with a passion to make candles over a decade ago.
We started out as a paraffin company offering the highest quality candles in the market. Since we were also our own sales force it was very important to us to offer the best quality candle. Our classic candle logo was desirably designed to reflect a dynamic time in our City of Westfield, known world-wide for the quality manufacture of whips for everyday use in the “horse and buggy” era. Always searching to offer the highest quality and our work environment, the search revealed that a new, truly beneficial wax was beginning to be available in the early 2000….named soy.
So…slowly, attentively, Whip City Candle gave birth to a whole new approach to candle making. We were no longer able to use our equipment to pour candles. Now all of our products are hand-poured in small batches, fused with natural blends. We offer several different candle lines to fit any room in your home. Although people love our soy candles there were still customers that did not wish to burn candles.
With crafting in our blood we began to search for new ways to fragrance homes without burning. We started creating a variety of products such as diffuser reeds, aroma beads, crystal rocks and continued with our world traveled BeanTowne Bears.
Along with our products our commitment to building our community is our number one goal. Many of our employees are from organizations that assist individuals living with mental and physical disabilities. We have found that working with these wonderful individuals has improved the quality of our products, and helped create a joyous and family-like workplace environment.
We are constantly inspired and searching for new and creative ways to bring fragrance to your home. Thank you for stopping by and be on the lookout for our new product lines and fragrances.